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How to protect your home from Termite attack

Subterranean termites, otherwise known as, "white-ants" are a highly destructive timber pest that contribute major structural timber damage to buildings in Australia.

A CSIRO Survey indicates about 1 in 3 dwellings have termites within the property boundary - particularly if well established gum trees are within 100 meters of the building.

More reason to incite some form of Termite prevention is the fact that Home and Building Insurance will not cover the cost of damages caused by Termites.

Simply because they are seen as a 'preventable pest' and therefore fall under a 'maintenance issue'.

Not something you want to hear when you've just discovered Termites have eaten out your Roof Trusses or internal wall cavities leading to a safety hazard and an uninhabitable home.

Read on below for a list of ways to protect your home.

Active Subterranean Termite  All Things Pest Control

Look for any water leaks in and around your home. Water is one requirement for Termites to survive. 9 times out of 10 when our Termite Specialist at All Things Pest Control detect active Termites in a home, there is a preventable water source nearby.

A minor leaking garden tap can contribute to the perfect conditions underground.

Subterranean Termites can travel up to 100 meter radius from their main nest in search of food. They can travel up through a 2mm expansion joint in a concrete slab and enter you home without detection. Limiting appealing water sources for Termites is a huge aid in protecting your home.

Air-conditioner, hot-water drains, missing and poorly connected guttering or drainage pipes are the biggest contributor when providing a perfect water source for an active Termite infestation.

Remove any stored scrap timber, dead trees and old stumps from your yard area. Any wood directly on the ground is a magnet to Termites.

We see plenty of Treated Pine retaining walls in and around Mackay. While the timber is treated when you buy it, give it a few years in our tropical climate and the chemical will have broken down and your timber is nothing more than a Termite smorgasbord sitting in your yard waiting to be eaten.

Old tree stumps, rotting branches and scrap timbers stored in contact with the ground are great sources of food and water that attract Termites to your yard.

Clear any gardens or mulch away from external walls as they are likely to be high in moisture and make a great hidden access point to your home which Termites will take advantage of.

Bonus points for gardens containing leaking irrigation pipes or mulch built up over weep holes. Termites now have an ongoing food and water source and have secured more food when they gain access to your home.

A well watered and mulched garden against your external wall might look attractive however it could be hiding something more sinister like a Termite access point to your home

Most importantly, get your home professionally inspected for Termite damage or the presence of Termites. Our Termite technicians have over 40 years experience in detecting Termites & protecting Mackay and it's surrounding areas homes.

In our climate, a Timber Pest Inspection (TPI) should be carried out yearly.

In cases where no Termite protection is in place or there are active Termites present within the home, as often as one to six months.

Mackay high risk for Termites

Don't DIY

It is imperative that correct Termite identification is made for proper treatment and control. In the event of a presence of Termites, keep in mind that the DIY techniques are not effective and in many cases the use of chemicals by someone who is untrained and inexperienced could ending costing far more in the long run - not to mention dangerous to your health.

All Things Pest Control understands the dangers of Termites and provides safe and effective services designed to eliminate Termites completely and prevent their return. If you do happen to locate active Termites, it is imperative to leave them. Disturbing them further will only trigger them to move on to another part of your yard or home.

Call your local Termite specialists and have them inspect and recommend the best course of action.



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