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With both termite treatment and prevention services, All Things Pest Control offers the most advanced solutions to protect your home & business from termites.

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Unprotected Queensland Homes Suffer A Termite Infestation

Can you afford to risk your home or business?


Termite activity often goes undetected as termites can gain access via cracks as thin as a credit card in your home's structure and can eat away without any visible signs on the surface.


A Termite Inspection is a thorough inspection to your home and yard area. In our high risk area, it is recommended that homeowners have a termite inspection conducted every 12 months and homes without termite protection as often as every month.


Buying a home is one of the biggest investment's you'll make in your lifetime. A Pre-purchase Inspection is paramount to ensuring you aren't buying a home with hidden termites or hidden damages that could cost you thousands of dollars.


Termite Management Systems - otherwise know as Termite Barriers - are a chemical barrier that is installed to the perimeter of a home and footings where applicable.

All Things Pest Control termite barriers will provide your home with protection from termites for up to 8 years!


All Things Pest Control offer a range of remedial termite treatments to eradicate active termites that are within your home or yard area.


We work with a variety of builders throughout Mackay in the pre-construction of new homes and their termite protection.

6 Termite Signs To Look Out For

Pest Control Mackay Termite Mudding in Tree

Garden Damage

Wooden fence posts, retaining walls and decks in your garden are prone to termite attacks. If there is a termite infestation in your garden, you may also find trees around your area being affected.

all things pest control mackay window

Sticking Windows & Doors

Often related to signs of damp and hot weather, stiff windows and warped doors can also mean termites. The moisture they produce when eating and tunneling through door and window frames causes the wood to warp, making it tough to open doors and windows.

All Things Pest Control Mackay Allates


At times you may notice small flying insects around your home, called Allates. They also leave behind their discarded wings. 

These are the males and females that have left the nest to find a mate and then establish a new colony which could be near or in your home

All Things Pest control mackay termite damaged skirting board

Papery or Hollow Sounding Timber

Termites feed under the surface of timber and often wont break the surface.  

If you hear a hollow sound when you tap on skirting or wooden partitions and door and window frames, it is an indication that there are termites on your property

All Things Pest Control Makay Termite Mud Tube Up Wall

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites build mud tubes to connect their colonies to food sources. These tubes offer shelter that locks in moisture, and protects the termites from dry air and predators.


Frass - Termite Droppings

Drywood termites don't use their waste product to create mud tubing like the Subterranean termites do. 

Instead, as they consume wood, they create kick out holes that are used to push frass (termite droppings or pellets) out of the nest.

How To Protect Your Home From Termite Attack

There are a number of factors that make your home attractive to termites which you can fix right now.

I Think I've Found Termites, Now What?

We understand termites and invasive pests can be frustrating and daunting.  Our experts can guide you through your termite control options and tailor a termite treatment that suits your needs quickly and effectively.

When suspected termites are discovered, it's important that you try to leave them undisturbed and call a professional termite specialist as soon as possible.

Attempting to kill the termites with poison will not fix the problem at its source. Termites can travel hundreds of meters underground and when disturbed they will simply head in a different direction.

When you call All Things Pest Control regarding a suspected termite infestation we take the following steps below to fix your termite problem as soon as possible and prevent them from returning.


First, we’ll thoroughly inspect the building and property for signs of termite activity, conduct a termite damage assessment and identify conditions conducive to termite infestations.

Along with termites, we will also identify other timber pests which can be equally destructive as termites, such as borers and wood decay.


Once the species of termite(s) have been identified our termite specialist will conduct a remedial treatment to the active termite workings or nest within the home or yard area.

This treatment will kill the active termites, however, it will not prevent further damage from future termite attack.


Our termite technicians will discuss the best termite prevention method for your circumstances as well as provide you with a detailed quotation outlining the process involved.

Our Termite Management Systems protect homes for up to 8 years from termite attack.


We’ll conduct a regular, yearly inspection to ensure optimal termite protection for your home and replenish treatment as needed.

You'll receive a plain English report accompanied with colour photos which includes recommendations to ensure your Termite Barrier keeps your home protected from Termite attack for up to 8 years

Our Technicians have 30+ Years Combined Experience Providing Termite Control In Mackay

With this knowledge and expertise of the termite varieties throughout the Mackay region, you can trust that we will manage your pest problem quickly and effectively in a manner that is safe and affordable for your family.

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