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All Things Pest Control only uses pesticides & fumigants that are approved by the Department of Primary Industry and Energy's Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and registered for use in accord with a Permit issued by APVMA or State Authority.

Children and pet safe products | Low to no odor | Thousands of Mackay Homes Protected.

Preparing For a Pest Control Service

All Things Pest Control technicians are trained to perform pest control treatments that are specifically designed for your home.

The variety of treatments performed are based on the type of pest found and the extent of infestation levels in and around your home.

To maximize the efficiency of our technicians time on site and the effectiveness of your pest control treatment we recommend the following;

  • Housekeeping like sweeping, moping and vacuuming should be completed before our arrival. A clean floor means our treatment can bond to the surface better and stick around for longer. This means more pests are exposed to it and a quicker eradication time without service calls.

  • Store any open food items away from bench tops and table tops.

  • Clear clutter and children's toys from floor areas, especially around skirting/kick-boards when treatments are applied. There is no need to move large pieces of furniture away from walls for a General Pest Control service.

  • Cover any birdcages, fish tanks or ponds located under external windows or alongside internal walls. 

  • Move any stored items from under and around ceiling-void manholes.

  • Outside your home, rake, sweep or blow away leaves and garden debris from paths and the edges of your home. This allows us to apply treatments to the areas required and not risk the treatment being removed at a later date.

  • Do not remove any spiderwebs. Spiders need to be treated directly for Spiders to be eradicated. 

What To Expect On The Day Of A Pest Control Treatment

If you have not already discussed the specifics of your pest problem with our office and you’re at the property when our technician arrives, advise what pests you seeing and where. 

We use the lowest mammalian toxicity of insecticides in our internal sprays and they are applied in a way so that there is no airborne residual. You are more than welcome to stay at the property while our experienced technician is applying treatments.


In some situations, depending on the level of infestation and type of service being performed, we may ask you to step outside of the room while the treatment is being applied. Any persons who are particularly sensitive, or who suffer from allergic reactions, should, as a matter of precaution, remain out of the premises while treatment is applied, drying and has been fully ventilated.

Please keep in mind that the floors around skirting and kick-boards can be wet after the service so these areas should be avoided until dried (usually 15-20 minutes).

Your General Pest Control service may involve one or more of the following procedures, depending on the level of pest infestation and previous treatments applied.


  • Dust application in the roof cavity.

  • Internal liquid application to the internal perimeter IE. skirting and kick-boards

  • Inspection and treatment inside the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboard built-ins. Depending on what pests are present or known to be present in this properties location, this may be a detailed treatment using aerosols, powders, liquid, and bait gels. 

  • Liquid application to external perimeter of the house, including window frames, under eaves and gutters, and under patios.

  • Liquid/dust or aerosol application to weep holes/cavity holes present around the home.

  • Liquid treatments to sub-floor areas.

  • Additional services we may carry out if deemed necessary; treatment to fences and hedging, concrete path edges and pool areas or treatment to sheds. This is at the discretion of your experienced technician.

It is important to note that pest control treatment amounts and the way they are applied will differ from year to year.

This treatment plan is at your experienced pest technicians discretion to ensure you are achieving a long-term pest free outcome.

What To Expect After A Pest Control Treatment

After your treatment has been completed, you will be issued with a Pest Management Advice and Post Treatment Advice form via email. This is a list of the treatments the technician has used on the day and links to our SDS sheets if you require further information.


Avoid cleaning the treated areas for several weeks. ie Hard mopping around the skirting and kickboard edges, gurneying the external perimeter walls or washing flyscreens. This allows our treatments to bond to the surface and stick around for longer. Meaning more chances for Cockroaches that sneak in up drains and via gaps in doors to come in contact with the treated area and die, breaking their breeding cycle faster.

There can be significant Cockroach activity after the treatment. Don't be alarmed.

The number of Cockroaches will reduce dramatically over the following days.

Seeing Cockroaches out in the open during the day is an indication they are sick and dying. Over time, you will likely see the occasional Cockroach that has flown in from outside or come up a drain. Give it time, they will die when they make their way to the usual hiding places such as kitchen and bathroom cabinet voids or wardrobes.

Our treatments remain effective for the long-term of the warranty and are designed to prevent an infestation. We can not stop Cockroaches from coming up drains or entering your home. When they reach our treatment areas, they will be affected and die.

Finding dead cockroaches is a sign the treatment is still working.

Household Ants:

It is very important that you do not spray anything or disturb the ant trails after our treatment. This prevents our treatments from working and slows down your results.

We use a combination of 'Repellents' and 'Non repellent' for our Ant treatments. They're designed to flush Ants out of areas we can't reach and get them active in the treated areas. The Ants won't all die immediately. We want the Ants to pick up our treatments and track them back to their nests. This wipes them out at their source. This gives you long term results.


Some nests can be located in wall voids or even underground outside. The further the Ants have to track, the longer this takes. Patience is key for a long term result. Maintaining a regular treatment schedule as recommended by our technicians means a faster result for you.

It is common to see an increase in Ant activity for 4-6 weeks after our treatments. If after this period the situation is not improving and you aren't finding dead ants, please call us back for a Free Service Call.

Make your home less attractive to ants.  

  • Wipe counter tops, under appliances and clean up honey, syrups, sugars and leftover pet food.

  • Externally, keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from the home.

  • Ensure gutters and drains free from debris.

  • Ensure all doors and windows are sealed.

Ants will gradually re-infest over time. Watch for any new activity. It is easier to prevent an Ant problem than to eradicate one once they are established. Maintaining a regular treatment schedule, as recommended by your technician, is important.


Webbing Spiders:  

Spiders must be present at the time of treatment to be affected. Some areas throughout our region are recommended to have 3 or 6 monthly Webbing Spider treatments due to their environmental conditions. All Things Pest Control provide the longest warranty term in the industry for internal Webbing Spiders.

Spiders that are present during our treatment may not be eradicated immediately and if still alive, are capable of biting people and pets. Please allow a few days to see the full effects of the treatment.

  • Avoid cleaning webs up or hosing down treated areas for at least a month. Treated webs can still affect new spiders that go to that location.

  • After a month, webs can be knocked down and removed if still present.

Important note:

Ground Spiders, such as Huntsman and Wolf Spiders can evade treatments by tunneling underground or beneath leaf litter.

Our General Pest warranty is for internal webbing spiders only.

Additional treatments for Ground Spiders after the initial treatment for Webbing Spiders may be recommended in situations of heavily infested areas or difficult environmental conditions. Be rest assured, if Ground Spiders are becoming an issue, our team can get them under control. So please, just ask!

Details of the General Pest Treatment FREE Service Period & Cancellations

In almost all cases, our General Pest Control treatments for Household Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish & Webbing Spiders, carries a 12-month internal warranty. For external areas, we offer optional 3 or 6 month treatments (at an additional cost). With that being said, many of our residential clients suffice with a single service to external areas as a part of their annual General Pest Treatment without issues. Rural properties or sites near bushland, dense foliage or other environmental conditions may benefit from these additional external treatments. Talk to our friendly team and let us assist with tailoring a treatment program that meets your specific needs. Please note: If during the course of our service it is found that structural or environmental conditions prevent us performing any sections of the Management Program then the FREE service Period or the cost of your treatment may have to be reviewed. ​ Unless specific written arrangements have been provided the full job price shall be due and payable and recoverable by All Things Pest Control on the commencement of the initial treatment. ​ Any FREE Service Period shall be null and void unless all monies due and payable to All Things Pest Control have been paid in full within the standard terms of business stated on the provided invoice or quotation. ​ Where a FREE Service Period has been provided then, upon notification by you we agree to provide you with any remedial treatment(s) as may be required at the nominated property, AT NO COST TO YOU. Any FREE Service Period is conditional upon you notifying us of signs of a pest infestation. ​We are unable to provide a FREE SERVICE treatment within 4-6 weeks of your initial service. (4-6 - depending on pest treatment provided). Why? It takes time for our treatments to fully take effect and erradicate the pest at the source. Re-treating before this timeframe only prolongs your eradication time. Retreating sooner than required can contribute to future pests becoming resistant to treatments. No responsibility is accepted, or warranty implied, for any damage of consequential losses that may occur as a result of past, current or future pest activity. ​ The proposed treatment only applies to the pest species named on the Pest Management Treatment Advice notice provided on completion of your service. The program(s) does not provide protection against any other pest/s. NOTIFICATIONS & CANCELLATIONS. All Things Pest Control provide 24 hour reminder text prior to service if agreed upon. Please note: CANCELLATIONS LESS THAN 24 HOURS to booking will require total job payment paid UPFRONT to secure another. We DO NOT charge additional costs for this. Your understanding on this matter is appreciated.

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