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All Things Pest Control only uses pesticides & fumigants that are approved by the Department of Primary Industry and Energy's Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and registered for use in accord with a Permit issued by APVMA or State Authority.

Children and pet safe products | Low to no odor | Thousands of Mackay Homes Protected.

Preparing For a Pest Control Service

All Things Pest Control technicians are trained to perform pest control treatments that are specifically designed for your home.

The variety of treatments performed are based on the type of pest found and the extent of infestation levels in and around your home.

To maximize the efficiency of our technicians time on site and the effectiveness of your pest control treatment we recommend the following;

  • Housekeeping like sweeping, moping and vacuuming should be completed before our arrival. A clean floor means our treatment can bond to the surface better and stick around for longer. This means more pests are exposed to it and a quicker eradication time without service calls.

  • Store any open food items away from bench tops and table tops.

  • Clear clutter and children's toys from floor areas, especially around skirting/kick-boards when treatments are applied. There is no need to move large pieces of furniture away from walls for a General Pest Control service.

  • Cover any birdcages, fish tanks or ponds located under external windows or alongside internal walls. 

  • Move any stored items from under and around ceiling-void manholes.

  • Outside your home, rake, sweep or blow away leaves and garden debris from paths and the edges of your home. This allows us to apply treatments to the areas required and not risk the treatment being removed at a later date.

  • Do not remove any spiderwebs. Spiders need to be treated directly for Spiders to be eradicated. 

What To Expect On The Day Of A Pest Control Treatment

If you have not already discussed the specifics of your pest problem with our office and you’re at the property when our technician arrives, advise what pests you seeing and where. 

We use the lowest mammalian toxicity of insecticides in our internal sprays and they are applied in a way so that there is no airborne residual. You are more than welcome to stay at the property while our experienced technician is applying treatments.


In some situations, depending on the level of infestation and type of service being performed, we may ask you to step outside of the room while the treatment is being applied.

Please keep in mind that the floors around skirting and kick-boards can be wet after the service so these areas should be avoided until dried (usually 15-20 minutes).

Your General Pest Control service may involve one or more of the following procedures, depending on the level of pest infestation and previous treatments applied.


  • Dust application in the roof cavity.

  • Internal liquid application to the internal perimeter ie. skirtings and kick-boards

  • Inspection and treatment inside the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboard built-ins. Depending on what pests are present or known to be present in this properties location, this may be a detailed treatment using aerosols, powders, liquid, and bait gels. 

  • Liquid application to external perimeter of the house, including window frames, under eaves and gutters, and under patios.

  • Liquid/dust or aerosol application to weep holes/cavity holes present around the home.

  • Liquid treatments to sub-floor areas.

  • Additional services we may carry out if deemed necessary; treatment to fences and hedging, concrete path edges and pool areas or treatment to sheds. This is at the discretion of your experienced technician.

It is important to note that pest control treatment amounts and the way they are applied will differ from year to year.

This treatment plan is at your experienced pest technicians discretion to ensure you are achieving a long-term pest free outcome.