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Green Ant Invasion

Updated: May 16, 2019

There's been an inundation of these beauties around Mackay at the moment and a few people have messaged asking are they Termites?

Green Ant Queens wingspan measured beside ruler All Things Pest Control Mackay
Green ant Queens (Rhytidoponera spp)

While Termites are highly active right now (and always in the tropics) these are not Termites.

They are Green Ant Queens - most likely on the move and in search of a new location to nest.

Green ants are generally not a problem and rarely do they enter suburban homes.

They are hugely beneficial within our tropical rain forests. With many of the rain forest trees housing a multitude of colonies among their canopies. The trees benefit because the ants attack other leaf-eaters on its branches.

They can inflict a painful sting and have been know to be quite defensive of their nests.

Meaning gardeners, children and even pets who may have brushed past or disturbed the nest slightly can be faced with a mounting army of green ants ready to battle.

Green ant colonies have been know to take over entire trees in an urban backyards with several nests as big as soccer balls among the foliage.

Green ant colony rush to defend their nest
Green Ant Nest

Green ants will track along intertwined branches, fence palings and railings or even jump out of the trees on unsuspecting people below to gain easy access to the garden below in search of food.

Having branches overhanging your home is an invitation for Green ants to use your home to track along in search of meal.

Are you due for your annual pest control and have a problem with green ants?

Let us know, we offer discounts when combining services!


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