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It's Flea Season!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Flea's love sandy soil, 80 per cent humidity and 25 degree warmth -

Hang on... isn't that basically Mackay all year round? Yes!

They do say prevention is better that cure, and when it comes to fleas, this saying couldn't ring truer.

Flea life cycle All Things Pest Control
The life cycle of a flea: Flea pupae can lay dormant for months if not disturbed.

Fleas carry diseases such as Bartinellosis and Tapeworm to your dog as well as human diseases such as Cat Flea Typhus and Cat Scratch Fever.

To avoid an infestation, it's important to keep pet flea treatments up to date and ensure regular vacuuming of carpeted areas, rugs, under furniture and especially pet bedding.

An active flea infestation can be difficult to get under control completely especially when there are untreated pets involved. Cleaning is paramount. The entire home and yard areas are targeted in a treatment so it is important that all the vacuuming, mopping, mowing and yard work is completed prior to starting any form of treatment for eradication.

After a treatment for an active flea infestation, you should expect to have another treatment shortly after to ensure any recently hatched eggs have effectively been eradicated.

Flea dirt in pet hair all things pest control
Flea dirt within your pets hair is often a common sign your pet has fleas

“My pets are treated yet we still seem to pick up fleas”.

Animals that frequent your property (or even alongside of it for that matter) such as dogs, cats, possums or rodents could be harbouring fleas and ticks themselves.

Flea’s can also hitch a ride on your treated pets coat for a short time, only to be returned home and jump off ready to lay their eggs in a sandy part of your yard or within the carpets of your home.

So if you find yourself in the unlucky situation of a flea infestation, it isn’t uncommon and it can be fixed.

Is something making you, your family and pets itch? Not sure whether it’s flea’s, Bed bugs or some other creepy crawly?

We’re here to help.

Give our friendly All Things Pest Control team a call or touch base with us via our contact form for a free quote.

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Andre Les
Andre Les
09 jun 2022

Fleas are annoying and quite disgusting. And for your pets, fleas are a real torment. They are difficult to exterminate on their own, so it is best to seek help from professionals.

Me gusta
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