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The Christmas Pest Infestation

Did you know the likelihood of a pest infestation increases at Christmas? No, it's not because of Santa Clause's cookies and milk left out on Christmas Eve either!

Boxes that have been stored in humid, low-traffic rooms of the house, such as crawlspaces, sheds, or ceilings are a magnet for Rodents, Mites, Fleas, Cockroaches, Moths, Silverfish and a plethora of other pests who have made themselves at home inside your Christmas decoration boxes during the off-season!

Prevention is the best cure

Always open your stored boxes outside - shaking off any egg sacs, cocoons, webs or hidden insects.

A dusting mitt or damp cloth works best catching dust or webs where Mites, Spiders or Flea eggs could be residing.

Wash any fabric ornaments such as stockings and dust off Santa's beard.

Doing this outside is key. All it takes is one or two eggs to make their way indoors and before you know it you have a whole establishment of Flea's or Mites biting your family over Christmas lunch.

Thoroughly inspect lights and decorations for gnaw marks. Dispose of any electrical items that are damaged or cannot be fixed. Check empty boxes for rodent droppings - especially if the ornaments stored are edible.

If droppings are evident then that is a sure sign you may have rodents nesting within your boxes or the room that they have been stored in. Now is a good time call All Things Pest Control, who will establish a treatment plan and make certain these unwelcome guests are departed by the time your welcome ones arrive!

Make the effort and store correctly

It may seem like a unnecessary expense right after the most expensive time of the year, however it pays to invest in some decent heavy duty plastic containers with well sealing lids.

A canvas bag that zips up is nice for a tree or your baubles - but it won't keep the moths & mites out of the fabric itself let alone the rodents from chewing through.

Place these storage bags in hard plastic resealable containers and you will also prolong the life of your decorations - not to mention limit the amount of time you need to spend unpacking and checking for pests!

Protect your home

Guarding your home with a Yearly Pest Treatment will aid in preventing those uninvited guests making a home within your home. It is much easier to prevent a pest infestation than to treat one.

At All Things Pest Control we offer a variety of treatment plans tailored to your needs. Our fast and effective treatments are safe and affordable. We offer a free reminder service for your treatment each year because we know pest control is the last thing on your mind until there is a problem.

Our treatments are safe for children and pets and with over 40 years experience in the industry we know the leading, safest ways to combat your creepy crawly problems.

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